GWHQ Podcast Speaker Intake Form

GWHQ Podcast Speaker Intake Form

We're honored you're considering sharing your journey with us on the Global Wellness HQ Podcast. Our platform is dedicated to amplifying the voices of visionaries, mavericks, and philanthropists who are not only experts in wellness but are also committed to making a significant impact on the world.

Global Wellness HQ Podcast Overview

Dive into conversations that matter. Join us as we explore the intersections of wellness, innovation, and legacy with leaders who are reshaping the narrative of holistic health and global change. Our guests bring valuable insights and actionable strategies across the Nine Elements of Holistic Wellness, inspiring our audience to integrate these principles into a life of purpose and contribution.

Why Share Your Story?

Our podcast is a beacon for those looking to make a difference. Through sharing your experiences, triumphs, and lessons, you'll inspire others to embark on their own journeys of personal and societal wellness. This is your opportunity to showcase how your work contributes to a broader vision for humanity.

Typical Show Questions

Our dialogue is designed to uncover the depth of your expertise and the breadth of your impact. While we cover a range of topics, here are some themes we might explore:

  • Your personal mission and the vision that drives you.
  • The intersection of your work with holistic wellness and societal change.
  • Tangible advice for individuals looking to make an impact in their own lives and communities.
  • Success stories and the transformative power of your work.

What to Expect as a Guest

Here's what you need to know to ensure a smooth and impactful interview experience:

  • Conversational Format: We delve deep into what makes your work unique, focusing on the story and the impact behind it.
  • Technical Setup: High-quality audio and video are essential for a professional presentation. Please prepare accordingly.
  • Promotion: Active participation on LinkedIn is crucial. Our promotion efforts are focused here to maximize your exposure.
  • Respect for All: We maintain a high standard of content and reserve the right to not publish if the fit isn't perfect.
  • Engagement: Post-interview, we engage in extensive promotion to celebrate and share your contributions. Stay connected for ongoing opportunities to amplify your message.

Choose Your Guest Experience

Select from our tailored guest options designed to match your impact level and promotional needs:

  • Option 1: Free - A foundational interview experience with basic promotion.
  • Option 2: Standard - Enhanced visibility and networking opportunities within our community.
  • Option 3: Advanced - Broad platform distribution, featured article inclusion, and strategic introductions.
  • Option 4: Platinum - The ultimate package for maximum exposure, including collaborative book opportunities.

Ready to Inspire?

Complete the form below to begin your journey with us. Once submitted, you'll be directed to schedule your interview. We're excited to collaborate and share your transformative story with the world.


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Our show is audio only.  However, we find that recording it as a video conversation leads to a better quality conversation overall.

At the time of the interview please make sure you have a high quality microphone and camera set up and are on a stable internet connection.

We are looking forward to having you as our next guest.


Do you know anyone else who would be a great guest on our show?

We are looking to interview experts who support individuals and businesses with their wellness journeys.  This could be accountants, bookkeepers, coaches, consultants, lawyers, insurance agents, commercial real estate agents, commercial bankers, doctors, nurses, etc. and literally anyone else who works in the wellness space.


Once you have submitted your Speaker Intake Form, please take one more minute to book our interview together.

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