We love creating resources that help our community embrace wellness. Here are some of our most popular courses and programs.

Cash Flow Club

Financial Wellness is one of the Nine Elements of Holistic Wellness.

We created Cash Flow Club to share information and insights with entrepreneurs.

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How to Grow Your Business by Leveraging Key Strategic Partnerships...Learn How to Attract Your Ideal Clients without getting any better at marketing or sales.

This is one of our signature courses. We use this course as a foundation for all of our clients.

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Top 3 Mistakes Business Owners Make While Networking for Business

Welcome!  Here is the 30 minute recording of our typical workshop presentation.  We are sharing this widely to help the business world grow through better networking.  Our secret ingredient is that we focus on building authentic relationships first, conducting business second.  We love doing business with great people, this helps us find them and them find us.

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Business Book Club

I started the Business Book Club because I wanted to give entrepreneurs every advantage in business.  I believe that the shortest path to success is to seek guidance from those who have gone before us.  Books and collaboration are two great tools to accelerate our learning and implementation of the guidance that we receive. I recognized that knowledge without action is just wasted potential and wanted to help in a meaningful way.

We will dive deep on one book each month. We will have a virtual meeting for one hour, once a week. In each meeting, we will share key takeaways from the book, plan action items, share experiences and clear roadblocks. Attendance is optional, but you get out of our Business Book Club exactly what you put into it.  

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12-Day Business Growth Challenge

Are you interested in building authentic relationships that lead to reliable, predictable, and consistent growth in your business?

This business challenge will be open to any business owner, entrepreneur, organizational leader, or sales professional who wants to generate a consistent and steady stream of Dream Clients. Would you be willing to invest 5 hours of your time over 12 days in order to secure a steady stream of Dream Clients?


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Gold in Your Backyard Course

Participants will learn:

  • The natural advantages to networking.
  • Why introverts have an unfair advantage.
  • The skills you MUST develop (and how).
  • The mistakes to avoid that are draining your time and bank account.
  • The hidden costs of paid advertising.
  • Daily success habits that work for you.
  • How to make networking the highest and best use of your time.
  • How to improve the results you get.
  • The systems and process you need to implement now.

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