Amazon Publishing Strategy Session

I have worked with dozens of authors to guide them on their journey from bookless to fully booked.

I realize that not everyone needs a fully done for you book authoring service. I meet a lot of people who have the book written, but can't figure out how to self-publish their precious book on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

I have published in paperback, hard cover, and Kindle formats. It is easy to do if you know exactly what to do. And, it can stump you if you are focused on other aspects of the book process.

If you are stuck with the Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing interface, I can guide you on your self-publishing journey.

We will spend an hour together and address any challenges you are facing. Worst case, we solve your particular problems quickly and we spend the remainder of our time working on strategies to enhance the profitability of your publishing project.

Are you struggling to self-publish your book on Amazon