"Ontario Grown Business Advice" Book Collaboration

108 Pieces of Wisdom from Ontario Experts

We are looking for 36 experts to share their insights for Ontario-based businesses.

We want experts who believe in the power of networking and the importance of building authentic relationships in business. We want experts who can share their wisdom in the format of "three things every business owner should know about _____." Where _____ represents your area of expertise. 

For example, what are three things that every business owner should know about working with a bank?

We want experts from the following fields:



Commercial Bankers

Commercial Insurance Brokers

Business Brokers

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Business Coaches

Software Companies

Payroll Companies

Successful entrepreneurs

Groups or Associations

Marketing and sales

There is a nominal investment to participate. This will cover the cost of editing, design, publishing, and printing.

We are doing this to add value to our community and to share insights with business owners. 

Would you like to be listed as one of our contributing authors?  Every contributing author will receive 20 copies of the book with their own cover.

We will share 3 tips per expert. And, we will also have a bonus chapter on "the best business advice" you have ever received.