Cash Flow Club for Accounting Professionals

Welcome to the Cash Flow Club for Accounting Professionals!

We created this Club to help local business owners grow and scale their business. We have created an exclusive community for accounting professionals who want to help their clients manage Cash Flow. We recognize that you are smart enough to create your own programs and offerings. However, we also recognize that time is precious to you. We have created a full curriculum and program that you can offer to your clients. 

We recommend that you offer a three level program to your best clients. As they engage and get results, you can open your Cash Flow Club Program to more clients. When you follow our program, our goal is to help you generate at least $10,000 a month in new revenues in about 10 hours of time from existing clients. Once you have the basics in place, you can then grow by offering this to more of your existing clients and to new clients.

All of our options below give you the tools that you need in order to start and run a profitable Cash Flow Club for existing and new clients.  

We offer month to month options to smooth out your cash flow and to make sure that you are generating positive cash flow every month.

We offer four options for membership:  

  1. Month to Month Silver Membership: Our silver membership includes unlimited access to our weekly recorded trainings. We share at least one valuable lesson per week via recorded content. The focus will be on immediately actionable tips that you can leverage today to grow your accounting business.  We will show you step by step how to build and grow your own Cash Flow Club. The silver membership level is our lowest cost option because you will be doing the steps with our guidance. Your price includes support and materials for up to ten clients. 
  2. Month to Month Gold Membership: Our gold membership includes everything in our silver membership. We include weekly live Q&A calls that are exclusively for our Gold Members. We will work with you to build and grow your own Cash Flow Club. Your price includes support and materials for up to twenty clients. 

  3. Month to Month Elite Membership: This is by invitation-only. We offer this exclusively for our best clients who are serious about getting great results by offering Cash Flow Club in their business. This is a mastermind program to share ideas and implement changes. We include a full concierge service where our dedicated team will prepare everything that you need and help you manage your Cash Flow Club. Your price includes support and materials for up to fifty clients. 

  4. Annual Prepaid Elite Membership: This is by invitation-only. This includes everything in the month to month elite membership, with a few valuable bonuses added in. Our annual prepaid elite members will receive quarterly strategy sessions and access to a part-time virtual assistant to manage the day to day operations of your Cash Flow Club.

Which option feels like the best fit for you at this time?

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