Standard Operating Procedures

CAD 19.95 (+ 5% GST)

Watch this short video to learn how to implement our Fool-Proof Follow Up Business System into your business.

  1. Sign up for Send Out Cards (US 37.00 per month).
  2. Create Canva Account (free up to US 17.00 per month).
  3. Gather addresses for clients, prospects, and networking colleagues.
  4. Create 12 cards in Canva.
  5. Create a Campaign in Send Out Cards.
  6. Send cards (average cost including card and postage is about $3 per recipient)
  7. Repeat - add new addresses to Send Out Cards as you receive them.

Our Fool-Proof Follow Up Business System has been designed to keep you top of mind for your existing clients, prospects, and business colleagues.