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A book club dedicated to entrepreneurial growth and excellence

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Welcome to the Business Book Club!

I started the Business Book Club because I wanted to give entrepreneurs every advantage in business.  I believe that the shortest path to success is to seek guidance from those who have gone before us.  Books and collaboration are two great tools to accelerate our learning and implementation of the guidance that we receive. I recognized that knowledge without action is just wasted potential and wanted to help in a meaningful way.

We will dive deep on one book each month. We will have a virtual meeting for one hour, once a week. In each meeting, we will share key takeaways from the book, plan action items, share experiences and clear roadblocks. Attendance is optional, but you get out of our Business Book Club exactly what you put into it.  

Are you willing to show up and contribute to the group? Fair warning, this is not a group for lurkers or people who hate participating in general.

How would applying the biggest takeaways from 12 carefully selected books impact your life and business in 2023?

Here are my book choices for 2023. You might know some of these names.

📚The Go-Giver - Bob Burg and John David Mann
📚Atomic Habits - James Clear
📚Endless Referrals - Bob Burg
📚The Ultimate Sales Machine - Chet Holmes
📚How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
📚The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey
📚Networking Like a Pro: Turning Contacts into Connections - Dr. Ivan Meisner
📚The 5 Choices - Kory Kogon, Adam Merrill, and Leena Rinne
📚Shatter Your Speed Limits - Wendy Lipton-Dibner
📚Focus on Impact - - Wendy Lipton-Dibner
📚Your World-Class Assistant - Michael Hyatt
📚Who Not How - Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Do not commit to this lightly.  Our Business Book Club is for you if you love to learn, love to apply what you learn, and love to collaborate.  Otherwise, this might not be a fit for you.

We have a private online community for our members to share ideas, insights, and progress with like-minded souls.

Before you sign up, we will be meeting on Zoom every Friday (except long weekends) from 1:00 to 2:00 pm ET.

We offer six options for membership:  

  1. Month to Month Self-Study program: This is our basic offering. Every month, you receive a greeting card with a summary of the book on the two interior pages of the card. We will share our biggest takeaways and wins from the book.  

  2. Month to Month Basic Membership: This allows you to test the waters and see if you want to join us full on. The month to month option includes membership access to our private online community and the weekly calls. Month to month members are responsible for purchasing the books themselves.

  3. Full Year Prepaid Basic Membership: There is no discount to prepay.  However, if you commit fully to us, we commit fully to you.  We will send you a special welcome package that includes physical copies of every book that we plan on covering for the year (plus a few more surprises). You will also receive access to our private online community and the weekly calls. 

  4. Month to Month Silver Membership: Our silver membership includes unlimited access to our weekly recorded trainings. We share at least one valuable lesson per week via recorded content. The focus will be on immediately actionable tips that you can leverage today to grow your business.

  5. Month to Month Gold Membership: Our gold membership includes everything in our basic and silver memberships. We include weekly live Q&A calls that are exclusively for our Gold Members.

  6. Month to Month Elite Membership: This is by invitation-only. We offer this exclusively for our best clients who are serious about getting great results in their business. This is a mastermind program to share ideas and implement changes.

Which option feels like the best fit for you at this time?

Join our community to learn about business networking, digital magazines, AUTHORity books, Influential Interviews, and Meaningful Masterminds.

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Join our community to learn about business networking, digital magazines, writing (and publishing) AUTHORity books, hosting Influential Interviews, and facilitating Meaningful Masterminds.

The goal of the Professor Inkworth Fan Club is to share ideas that make your business life better.  We created this community to help support local businesses with their Client Getting activities.

  • Our Basic Membership level gives you access to all of our digital resources, including basic access to our online community. You will have a front row seat to our ideas and research results as we share them with the world.
  • Our Premium Membership level gives you access to all of our digital resources and direct access to our community of experts. You will have a front row seat to our experts as they prepare to share our research with the world.
  • Our Elite Membership level gives you access to everything we do, including an all access pass to our exclusive Professor Inkworth Incubator Lab. You will have a front row seat to every aspect of the Professor Inkworth Incubator Lab. You will be able to choose the experiments that we perform, participate in any experiments that intrigue you, and share research participant credit for our discoveries. 
  • Our Inner Circle Membership level is by invitation only.  Our Inner Circle Members act as our governing body.  They help us prioritize our research and other significant strategic initiatives. Essentially, they benefit directly by guiding the focus of our Professor Inkworth Incubator Lab researchers.
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About this Workshop

The Top 3 Mistakes Business Owners Make While Networking for Business include:

  • Mistake 1 – not being clear on audience

  • Mistake 2 – not being clear on offering

  • Mistake 3 – being tactical instead of strategic

Join us for a one hour virtual workshop where we will share our take on each of these mistakes and give you advice on how to avoid them. For each mistake, we will share:

  • An example of this mistake in practice

  • Costs of this mistake

  • How to avoid this mistake

  • How to mitigate costs of this mistake

  • How to recover from this mistake

The event is an hour long. We will spend about 30 minutes covering the mistakes and how to correct them. The remaining time will be spent practicing our networking skills. Come prepared to learn and network to grow your business!

Join us even if you don't own your own business. The focus for this workshop is networking skills that you can apply anywhere.

This event is for anyone who knows that they need to get better at networking.

Be featured in one of our wellness books showcasing our podcast guests

$250.00 (+ 5% GST)

Unite in Wellness: A Collaborative Book Project by Global Wellness HQ

At the heart of Global Wellness HQ lies a vision to forge a community of heart-based leaders dedicated to enriching lives through holistic wellness. Our latest venture—a collaborative book—invites the voices of wellness experts to share their profound insights and practical advice.

Contribution Tiers:

  • Community Contributor ($250): Get listed in the book with three key takeaways from your podcast interview, ensuring your wisdom reaches those who need it most.
  • Chapter Collaborator ($1,000): Dive deeper by contributing a full chapter, showcasing your expertise and experiences, and becoming a recognized thought leader in the wellness community.
  • Featured Author ($10,000): Elevate your impact with a spotlight feature. This premier option includes a dedicated book on your holistic approach, offering you a solo stage to inspire and educate an affluent audience seeking wellness transformation.

This initiative isn't just about sharing knowledge—it's a catalyst for growth and connection. As a participant, you'll reach an engaged, affluent audience in the U.S. and Canada who are ready to invest in their health, guided by your expertise.

Our mission transcends publishing. It's about creating a ripple effect of wellness empowerment. By joining this project, you become part of a movement, positioning yourself not only as an authority but as a beacon of holistic health and well-being.

The time is ripe to step forward and claim your place in this transformative endeavor. Let's turn the page together on a journey that promises to shape the future of wellness.