Podcaster Playground Conference
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We have three different levels for guests to choose from. Pick the option that fits your needs best.

Podcaster Playground Guest Pricing Options

Choose your path to podcasting excellence with our tiered guest options. Each level offers unique opportunities for growth, networking, and skill enhancement. From Bronze to Gold, select the package that aligns with your podcasting aspirations and investment potential for maximum ROI.

  1. Which aspects of the conference align most closely with your podcasting goals?
  2. How do you envision each tier potentially contributing to your podcast's growth?
  3. What value do you place on networking opportunities within the podcasting community?
  4. How could the resources and access provided at each level impact your success?
  5. What specific outcomes are you seeking from attending the conference?
  6. What small action could you take today to move closer to achieving these outcomes?

Gold Level


Silver Level access plus...

Access to our Gold portal with VIP content

Access to our top online courses ($1,000 value)

Unlimited access to recordings

VIP networking event

Most popular

Silver Level


Bronze Level access plus...

Access to our Silver portal

One month access to recordings

Access to our online conference networking community

Bronze Level


Access to the Podcaster Playground Conference

Access to our Bronze portal

One week access to recordings

Early Bird Pricing ends in...

We are offering a 50% Early Bird pricing to our guests who sign up before January 31, 2024 at 11:59 pm MT. Early Bird pricing is limited to the first 50 tickets per level.