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February 2023 is the first edition.  We have some great tips on personal health, fitness, and financial tips too.  Enjoy!

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We publish a new edition every month.

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March Special Edition

We will be featuring 100 Inspiring Women in our March edition.  

To be fair, our April edition will feature 100 Inspiring Men.

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Focus on Charity

We believe that part of a holistic wellness experience is finding meaningful ways to give back to our community.  We support local businesses and we support local charities.  We offer free advertisements and articles to charities that are helping our communities.  Here are a few charities that we believe are worth your attention.

Victim Services Durham Region

Supporting survivors of crime and tragedy. When the unthinkable happens, they are here to support with crisis response, intervention and prevention services.

 They will help you...

Whether you’ve lost a loved one, been a victim of a crime, experienced online exploitation or are in an abusive relationship, they will help you.

 Get free, confidential support without judgment. They are here to hold your hand and help you start rebuilding your life in the hours and days after a tragedy occurs.


Click here to visit Victim Services Durham

Victim Services of Peterborough Northumberland

From infants to the elderly, violence affects people of all stages of life.

 Every day across Peterborough and Northumberland Counties, victims of crime and tragedy struggle to overcome the personal impact of domestic violence, sexual assault, homicide, break and enters, theft and fraud, sudden death, criminal harassment, assault, fire, and motor vehicle accidents. Agencies like VSPN seek to help rebalance the negative impact of violence by empowering and supporting victims on their journey to recovery.

Click here to visit Victim Services of Peterborough Northumberland

The Hope Box

The Hope Box is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We rescue at-risk and abandoned infants as well as train Safe Haven providers on updated procedures and protocols for Safe Haven Law, a law we helped amend in 2017. We, at The Hope Box, are here to help moms-in-crisis make safe and educated decisions for themselves and their infants. 

Rescuing Babies, Empowering Women, Uniting Communities.

 Virtually unnoticed, infants are being discarded, abandoned, or sold for sexual exploitation daily. Some die of neglect while others become trapped in an overwhelmed system. The most vulnerable in our society need a voice and an advocate.

 THE HOPE BOX is filling that role and is working to improve outcomes for abandoned infants.

Click here to learn more about The Hope Box

Heart of Releasing

Heart of Releasing, Inc. is here to bring Releasing to everyone in the world.

Releasing is a simple and very profound process that anyone can use. By letting go of negative thoughts, feelings and emotional blocks we immediately become more loving, peaceful, happy and successful.

Heart of Releasing, Inc. began as Center for Releasing, Inc. in 2015 by lifelong friends and Releasers, Kate Freeman and Rick Solomon. Rick and Kate were both trained by Lester Levenson to be Releasing teachers in the 1980s. They were excited to share with the world in a much larger way Lester’s simple and very deep way of Releasing.

Click here to visit Heart of Releasing