Feel free to explore this website and see how we may be able to collaborate.  

Generally speaking, my biggest ask is for great guests to interview for my podcast or articles for my magazine.

I host and attend at least 10 networking events  a week.  I apologize for not having the time to meet with many of you one on one.  If you love networking, join one of my events and we can get to know one another a bit.  Assuming we have a common interest, we can then schedule a one on one conversation.

How can I serve you?

Here are some of my networking calls scheduled so far:

Inspiring Women - a weekly networking group to introduce the Inspiring Women I know to other inspiring women.  Men are welcome to attend as long as they believe in supporting women in business. We meet on Fridays from 3 to 4 pm ET (1 to 3 MT).  You can register here if you want to play along.

Click here to register for our weekly Inspiring Women networking event


PS I have one request.  Email causes me physical pain.  It is neuro-diversity issue.  Please email me very sparingly.  You can talk to me in person on Zoom if you have comments, questions, feedback, or stray thoughts.