Global Wellness HQ Graphic - Nine Elements
Global Wellness HQ is based on the Nine Elements of Holistic Wellness. 

In turn, the Nine Elements of Holistic Wellness are based on the central premise that people would like to be whole. We believe that most people should be focusing on holistic wellness, impact, and freedom in their lives. We will apply the Nine Elements of Holistic Wellness to help you navigate your personal wellness journey.

First, we will define wellness for the purposes of this website as the “conscious, deliberate process …

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Will Robots Take My Job?

In my research, I came across this website:

It shows the probability that a particular occupation will be replaced by some combination of robots and Artificial Intelligence.

The bad news is that mundane, repetitive tasks are very highly likely to be taken over by the machines (94% chance according to this site).  

The great news is that we will be freed to focus our efforts on more human endeavors - building relationships and a…

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Cost versus Value

Too often, I hear from professionals that their clients are "fee sensitive".  But, usually, they are service sensitive.  If we make the mistake of focusing on cost, so too will our clients.  The real secret is to offer more value.  If we can create value, clients will happily pay us more.  Watch this short video for more detail.

It’s short (around 3 minutes), and it’ll help you increase the value that you deliver.

To your success,


P.S. Whenever you’re are 4 ways I can help …

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Increase fees for your lower level clients and focus on your ideal clients

Managing clients can be hard work.

Dealing with the constant demands in our practice can be a struggle.  A lot of accountants think that having “more clients” will make their life better.  Is the answer to having too much of something to get more of that something?  Not usually.

If you aren’t regularly reviewing your client portfolio to ensure that you have the right mix of clients, you can often end up with an eclectic mixture of less than ideal clients.  Do you even know which of your client…

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Bring a steady stream of ideal clients into your practice

I understand that finding new clients can be hard work.

Clients move on, that is a fact of life – some will go out of business, some will outgrow you, some will move, some will pass away, some will annoy you, etc.  There are many reasons why clients may leave their accountant.  BUT, the real question is, “what are you doing to replace those that you lose?”

If you aren’t pro-actively replacing clients, there is a very real risk that your practice is slowly dying and you aren’t seeing the signs.…

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Reduce the hours that you work in your practice so that you can focus on running your practice

Hi there.  This may be an understatement, but I know that being an accountant can be hard work.

You work long hours, deal with a lot of second hand stress, and then wait for clients to pay you…

There’s nothing worse than working hard and then hoping to get paid, is there?

When I started my accounting practice, I made every mistake under the sun.

I had to cancel family outings, miss time with my kids, and work long after everyone else had gone home. 

Have you been there?

Finally, I figured …

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How to Build Winning Mastermind Groups

I believe that the fastest way to grow is to leverage the power of many minds.  Enter the "Mastermind Group" concept.

Definition of a Mastermind Group
“…a friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose. - Napoleon Hill

What is a Mastermind Group?

  • The true benefits of a Mastermind Group.
  • Logistics and structure for a successful Mastermind Group.
  • How to find or start your own Mastermind Group.
  • 10 specifics tips to achieve massi…

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