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Here is a unique Jeffism.

I have been pondering how I can add more value to my community. It hit me today, I can share my journey of discovery as I explore and implement the strategies and tactics that Bob Burg and John David Mann have so kindly shared with the world.

You see, I have been using "The Go-Giver" as a litmus test for who I want to work with and spend my time with professionally. My dear friend Joey Vitale very patiently explained to me that Go-Givers bring me joy, therefore I should spend more time helping them out. And, I can bring new Go-Givers to learn from the masters themselves.

I see this as a way of making the world a better place, shining a light on so many amazing Go-Givers already out there and helping the next generation discover Bob and John and all their wisdom.

My goal is to re-read each of their amazing books and share with my community how my life changes as I implement the things I learn along the way. I know with certainty that my personal and professional life will benefit on this journey. However, the great thing is that I do not yet know how or by how much. It will be truly about the journey and I look forward to not having a destination in mind before I start.

I want to thank Amy Sylvis for being the spark to this journey. She had an amazing post talking about The Go-Giver and it got me thinking about how I could bring value to Bob and John. Here is her post that sparked this journey. Thank you Amy!

And, thank you to Bob and John for the countless hours of conversations I have had with my kids, wife, colleagues, and peers about The Go-Giver!


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