Global Wellness HQ Podcast - Episode 002 - Interview with Stephanie Paul

⭐Stephanie Paul⭐

Stephanie takes great pride in coaching executives, sales teams, TEDx speakers, Women in leadership and experts of all kinds, to master self-leadership, communication and storytelling. She is also a proud member of the board of directors of The Alzheimer’s Association in Orange County, The Innocent Lives Foundation, and the Learning Chair for the EOA (Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerator) Board. As well as an active member of WIB (Women in Bio).

In fact, her proven approach, "Powerful Emotional Engaging Presentations," draws upon her 30 years of rich and diverse entertainment experience. Her talents take many forms— as an actress who has worked in 10 international TV and Film markets, as an improv, stand up and sketch comedian, a director, producer, writer, public speaker and Author of “Unlock The MAGIC of Story” – How to use neuroscience secrets to engage and influence any audience. As a result, Stephanie's profound knowledge of the entertainment business, as well as her keen ability to deliver her content with wit, wisdom and humor, guaranteeing that her training sessions will be spontaneous, engaging and fun! She teaches how to master the art of engaging our human biology with techniques for highly effective and captivating communication.

Whether a trainer, keynote speaker or MC, Stephanie has the uncanny knack to turn any, “Bored Room” into a lively, spirited and connected room—creating highly memorable experiences for all. During her training sessions, she calls upon proven scientific techniques and entertaining exercises that deliver fast, effective, new skills for anyone interested in taking their speaking and communication skills to the next level. She also teaches speakers how to deliver concise, engaging messages, and share informative stories that utilize advanced presentation techniques, as well as how to safely navigate how to sprinkle in (often) much needed touches of humor. From start to finish, Stephanie's training is not only a ton of fun it's also highly effective—ensuring positive outcomes no matter the speaker's proficiency level.

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