Increase fees for your lower level clients and focus on your ideal clients

Managing clients can be hard work.

Dealing with the constant demands in our practice can be a struggle.  A lot of accountants think that having “more clients” will make their life better.  Is the answer to having too much of something to get more of that something?  Not usually.

If you aren’t regularly reviewing your client portfolio to ensure that you have the right mix of clients, you can often end up with an eclectic mixture of less than ideal clients.  Do you even know which of your clients are your best clients?  The results may surprise you!

When I started my own accounting practice, was willing to work with any client.  I had never been taught to be selective in who I worked with.  Only by making the mistake of fighting to keep everyone happy did I realize how quickly that can cause problems.  My solution was to work longer and longer hours to ensure that everyone was happy.

Have you been there?

Finally, I figured out an easier way. I analyzed my client portfolio and realized something very profound.  The vast majority of my revenues came from a few select clients.  The rest of my revenue came from a mixture of clients, but few of them were “ideal.”  My best clients were in fact subsidizing my worst clients.  I learned to prioritize my client list and focus my efforts on the best clients.  For those that weren’t ideal, I had a choice – either raise their fees to match my effort or pass them along to someone else who had capacity to serve them.

That’s what I want for you, too.

I just shot you this quick video that shows you how to immediately increase fees for your lower level clients and focus on your ideal clients.  Dealing with difficult clients can be a major time waster, but how do we know who to focus on instead?

It’s short (around 3 minutes), and it’ll help you increase your fees and focus on your ideal clients.

To your success,


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