Bring a steady stream of ideal clients into your practice

I understand that finding new clients can be hard work.

Clients move on, that is a fact of life – some will go out of business, some will outgrow you, some will move, some will pass away, some will annoy you, etc.  There are many reasons why clients may leave their accountant.  BUT, the real question is, “what are you doing to replace those that you lose?”

If you aren’t pro-actively replacing clients, there is a very real risk that your practice is slowly dying and you aren’t seeing the signs.  How many clients would you have to lose before you start to see it impact your revenue?

When I started my own accounting practice, I honestly believed that I would never run out of clients or work.  I had never met an accountant who was short of either.  But, then I realized that someone had to be attracting the clients or my practice would die an agonizingly slow death.

I took on any client with a pulse, hoping they would pay their bills and bring me quality work.  I was constantly deluding myself that I could turn anyone into a great client.

Have you been there?

Finally, I figured out an easier way. A way to attract my ideal clients on a consistent and predictable basis.  I learned that firing bad clients made more room for great clients.  And, great clients tend to refer other great clients.  I was able to consistently attract my ideal clients as needed. 

That’s what I want for you, too.

I just shot you this quick video that shows you how to immediately bring a steady stream of ideal clients into your practice.  Dealing with existing clients can often be enough of a challenge, here is how to find time to attract great clients without taking too much of your time.

It’s short (around 3 minutes), and it’ll help you find ideal clients.

To your success,


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